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"Photography means so much more than a job for me. It's my passion to tell stories, travel and make art come together. Above all it’s community. It’s meeting clients become friends, it’s documenting the real humanity of moments - it‘s just powerful."

During my trip to Italy I met Issy and Jul. I photographed their wedding last year, which resulted in a wonderful friendship. Together we spent a few days in Tuscany, enjoying the local culture, views wine and food. On one evening we found a lovely place with golden landscape dotted with cypress trees, winding roads and a hilltop village – the exact scenery when I think about Tuscany. So I unpacked my camera and we did some magic. When I look at the pictures I can still feel the warmth of this late summer evening. Thanks guys for this special time!

Pictures by Vanessa Toth

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Gear: Canon 5 D Mark IV, 35 mm Sigma

Location: Tuscany

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