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"Photography is the only way to capture emotions forever. Our hearts should be our primary tool to do sos but sadly too many times the pictures and memories fade. In photography we have the magic to freeze a moment and capture that kiss, that smile or stumble as long as possibly imaginable. Whenever I think I might actually be okay not taking photos for a while, that break ends up not lasting very long because I simply have too much joy in creating something beautiful and using the gift given to me: Showing people their worth."
The second I saw the Hochkönig Mountain Range, I knew this will be my next couple shoot location. The many spiky mountain tips are “da bomb” and I knew it’s the perfect spot for an adventurous session with two wild spirits. I love how we were able to find an angle that would give us a nice street to the beautiful background and most of all I love how we timed it so perfectly that we were able to capture lots of golden hour moments against the sun. The Salzburg area will never cease to bring me new free roaming spots for quite some more beautiful couples.

Pictures by Mira Rumpel

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Location: Hochkönig, Austria

Gear: Sony Alpha 7 III; Sigma Art 35mm

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