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"Photography is the only way to capture emotions forever. Our hearts should be our primary tool to do sos but sadly too many times the pictures and memories fade. In photography we have the magic to freeze a moment and capture that kiss, that smile or stumble as long as possibly imaginable. Whenever I think I might actually be okay not taking photos for a while, that break ends up not lasting very long because I simply have too much joy in creating something beautiful and using the gift given to me: Showing people their worth."
I had the idea of this shooting last summer when my friends came to see me. So I said to Manu: “Hey, find us some cool spot in the Pyrenees, you’ll drive us there and I’ll take some nice photos of you guys!” This is the story of this shooting. I’m really crazy about winter and snow and it’s been like a dream to me to do this photoshoot. Likely my friends were ok to drive four hours just to spend one afternoon on this project of mine. They are really spiritual and cherish nature, so this story is really about them. It was like a real hike, and we just stopped at every place that seduced our eyes and where the light was magic. Just one day, but what a day!

Pictures by Olga Palet

Instagram & Website 

Location: Pont d’Espagne, France

Gear: Canon 5D MARK IV, Canon 50 mm 1.4, Sigma 35mm f1.4

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