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"I believe photos only mean something when one looks upon the image and feels that moment again and again over the years. How, disheartening would it be to look back on photographs from a momentous time in your life and see a rigidity or insecure look in your eyes or body language. I love connecting with people and then translating that connection with the person to camera in a seamless fashion so that they forget they are taking part in a session and feel as though they are on a date with a third wheel!"
This shoot started out as a “thank you” gift. I caught the attention of R and she messaged me, letting me know that she forwarded my page to her friend Courtney in NY who was getting married. Courtney reached out and ended up booking… I was 2 months in my business and had already book my first out of state wedding. We met up for coffee and hit it off! I learned that R & her husband J had less than ideal photographs from their actual wedding three years ago. R, having a light-hearted spirit about her laughed as she showed me her wedding photos on her phone but I could tell it bothered her that she ended up with photographs that didn’t capture the essence of their wedding day or they themselves. I offered to retake her wedding photos rather than do head shots. She accepted. Once we realized that we both would be 100% down to travel for a couples shoot we started throwing out destinations from Kauai tropics to Arizona Desert, until R said “oh how about White Sands?!” That was it! The day arrives and what was once a head-shot gift, turn into a full blown vow renewal and I certainly wasn’t mad about it. R & J had an energy to them that was a blend of smoldering with a touch of teenage-esk infatuation. J would softly speak hilarious comments to R that if over heard would make anyone blush. From thank-you gift, to a meet up at a coffee shop, to a whole vow renewal in our neighboring state, I’m so glad to have been apart of documenting R & J in a way that felt like them. I feel so honored to have given something that they could be proud of.

Pictures by Rebekah Gonzalez

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Gear: Nikon D600 35mm 1.4 sigma art

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