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"I love photography because it captures one special moment. It is a picture of many unrepeatable scenes of emotions, feelings, shapes, textures, details, lights, reality, fiction."
Sebastián and Salome are good friends who are engaged and soon will get married. That day we went outside to the North of Bogotá, Colombia to a beautiful reservoir called Tomine. We had an amazing day and once the session was done, Sebastian took out his skateboard to get a ride and Salome got encouraged to give it a try (she had never taken a skateboard ride before). As they were into the skateboarding moment I started to capture what was going on as everything was so natural and spontaneous, I liked the fact that their laugh was all real and natural, as they were playing and enjoying themselves for a moment they forgot I was there shooting photos. I just took advantage of something that was not planned.

Pictures by Rich And Igna

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Gear: Nikon D750 & Nikon 50 mm

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