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"It’s simple: The more they trust you - the better the pictures will become."

There are several ways to pose or direct couples through a photoshoot. Unfortunately there is no set formula that you can use for every couple as every couple is different. That’s basically why the most important thing when it comes to directing couples is to first have their trust.

— Photos by Kim Heck


E-mail is usually the first thing a couple will do to get in touch with you. Whether it’s e-mail or via Instagram, always try to be personal in your texts. Try to write the way you do with friends so you are not a stranger anymore. But don’t use too many smileys! (:

Skype is very important because it’s much more personal. Even if it’s just a basic couple session you should never go without a skype call. Try to talk more about random everyday things and just a bit about the actual shooting. Be interested and don’t try to be interesting.

During the Session:

Try to work with scenes instead of staged poses. Tell your couple to try to almost NEVER stop moving (slow movements are enough, but not frozen poses). Because if they stop you might have the same picture for 10 times.

1. Start with walking poses

Walking poses are good for the beginning, your couple will become less tense.

Tell them to “Walk as if you are drunk – help each other!”

Ask them to start with tiny steps that become bigger and bigger.

Ask them to catch each other and whenever one is caught the roles are changing.

2. How to direct calm poses

If you want them to be goofy, you need to be goofy too! If like to create more clam moments, you need speak slowly and a bit quiet.

Make them touch/kiss each other SOFTLY on their arms/neck.

Make them look into each others eyes for a few seconds. You’ll have time to catch more moments.

You can ask them to do those things in any situation (standing, sitting, laying positions).

Tell them how fast or slow they should move. You can either create a calm and or fun atmosphere.

3. How to make couples laugh

Ask them to massage each others butt.

Tell them to get really close and even closer closer closer… Even it’s not possible anymore to get closer.

After the Session:

Always try to stay in touch with them. Don’t make them feel like „oh shoots over, I have my money…“

Tell them how you felt about the shooting.

Question them about what was good for them, what they liked the most.

Say thank you to them several times, for laying their trust in you, for a fun evening – just be kind!

Always remember that recent clients are a good feedback resource.

It’s simple: The more they trust you – the better the pictures will become.



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