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"Photography helps me to capture the imperfect moments, the candid in-betweens. I love to be able to showcase a fragments of people's lives."

For a long time I have wanted to create pictures of couples in intimate moments to compensate for the “perfect” seeming wedding industry. Naked, without styling, perfectly fitting hair and masquerade behind fancy clothes. As a photographer, it’s always easy to tell people to relax. But with such kind, such intimate photos, I wanted to experience this feeling myself. As a curvy woman in particular, it seems even more difficult for me to show myself, because there is something in every inch that you would like to hide. And although I am at the peak of my weight at the moment, it was important to me to show that we should stop limiting our happiness and the NOW, by externals, only to die with a “What if …” on our lips. So as we planned a weekend trip to Amsterdam, I searched for a photographer, found Celia on Instagram and lo and behold: she was blown away by the idea and told me that she had wanted to take such photos herself for so long, but nobody dared.

Pictures by Celia Almaraz

Instagram  & Website

Location: Bloemendall ann Zee, Netherlands

Gear: Canon EOS R 50mm 1.2 Sigma 35mm 1.4

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