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"Honestly, sometimes I feel like I sense so much in the world and there is no another way for me how to express it but inly through photography. I feel like I'm overwhelmed with love and sadness, with delight and numbness, with so many contrasting intense feelings. That's why i want to make people feel through my photos - feel love, melancholy, drive, warmth, tenderness - everything at once."

As it getting colder and darker each day, I was really inspired how lovers spent these days with each other at home trying to keep warm – all day cuddling, kissing and making love. These are very intimate moments when you feel that there is no one in the whole world, but us.

Pictures by Kristina Alexandrova

Instagram  & Website

Location: Saint-Petersburg, Russia

Gear: Canon 6D (85mm, 50mm, 35mm)


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