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"When I take a picture, I catch the moment. A moment full of beauty and emotions. This is one second in our life that has just passed. But thanks to the photos, we have the opportunity to recreate this moment. And it is a wonderful feeling to be able to give the other person the opportunity to transfer back to that day, moment. Give her the opportunity to feel the same or similar emotions again."
A secret marriage proposal in one of Scotland’s most beautiful corners, Steall Falls. I met Tally & Jack last fall during a photo shoot in Glencoe. Tally was convinced from the beginning of our conversation (it was the part of the conspiracy which Jack planned with me) till that moment when Jack been on his one knee that this was another regular photo shoot. She hadn’t expected Jack to ask her to marry her in this spectacular valley with the waterfall in the background! –

Pictures by Bernadeta Kupiec

Instagram  & Website

Location: Steall Falls, Scotland

Gear: Canon Eos 5d mark III, Canon Eos 5d mark IV; Canon 85mm/1.8, Sigma Art, 35mm/1.4, Canon 50mm/1.4



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