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"Photography is full of magic moments. There is no need for the perfect location, for the perfect boho decoration, for the perfect dress. All we need is love - people who are deeply loving each other. Okay, and a little bit of magic light. Then it is a easy thing to press the button."

This shooting was a suprise for them – we met to talk about their wedding. I`ve invited them to the Siedlung Sallenbusch, a very small place with farms, cows and fields. My Grandma lives there and i’ve spend my childhood there. So this is a very special place to me and i love to show my couples something of me. We talked about their wedding – while having dinner – and then we walked a minute and took this amazing shots, while listening to the top hits of the 90’s.

Pictures by Carina Neuberth

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Gear: Canon 5D Mark III & Sigma Art 35mm 1.4

Location: Siedlung Sallenbusch, Weingarten, BW-Germany

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