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"We're living in a jaded society and forgot to value our surroundings. Photography reminds me of how special a moment in life actually was when looking at the photos years later."

This shoot took place only a couple of days before the total lockdown of South Africa due to COVID-19. All my weddings in SA got cancelled and I had to book me on the next flight back home. I was disappointed leaving six weeks earlier than planned and not being able to photograph at such a beautiful place. But I’m a person who never loses faith. So I contacted a couple I’ve just met if they’d be keen to shoot with me the same day. And they said yes! These photos are the last memories of a magical sunset in Cape Town before the world pressed pause to defeat a virus.

Pictures by Meltem Salb

Instagram & Website

Gear: Sony a7 iii //24mm 1.4 GM // 55mm 1.8 Zeiss

Location: Cape Town // South Africa


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