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Best Of March
Congratulations to the following artists!
Every month we select the best ten inspiration posts that you guys have submitted to us. The following blogposts are our top ten of March '20. You want to be part of next month selection? Ok cool! Just submit your best couple or wedding photos. Please just read our submission guidelines before submitting.
Warmth at home by Diego Baptista
Coziness, love and intimacy. I love sessions at home because I can always pass a lot of this between couples because they are in their comfort zone.
Best Of March '20
Wild hearts couple shoot at the beach by Hannah Meinhardt
At the beginning of the year my friend and I traveled through Sri Lanka for a month.
Best Of March '20
Connecting in Joshua Tree by Stephanie Marie Photography
Connection. The one thing I want someone to FEEL when looking through my work or just a general photograph.
Best Of March '20
Sunset lovers in Mauritius by Anne Letournel
Who doesn't dream of having a lovely couple session close to the sea at the sunset? I realized this dream during my stay in Mauritius.
Best Of March '20
Urban Lovers by Milena Volkert
I saw that lonely fuel station and immediately planned that shoot - I love the intimacy and the colors.
Best Of March '20
Foggy Winter Lovers by JonKay Photography
I'm still amazed by this kind of countryside we went to! Southern Germany is just awesome because of the stunning mountains!
Best Of March '20
Wild & Deep Love by Julie Troxler
I wanted to shoot a wild and deeply in love couple to inspire other couples to be more unconventional.
Best Of March '20
Valencia Love Story by Barbara Schmid
When I studied in Valencia a few years ago I had a favorite restaurant where they serve the best chocolate brownie I have ever tried, so I HAD to go back there last week when I spent a few days in the city.
Best Of March '20
Love & Birds Story with Eliza and Anthony by Emīlija Bogdānova
The idea was to get some really moody moments while seagulls are flying around the couple.
Best Of March '20
Sounds of Love by Kathi & Chris Photography
Young love, connected by music. Feels like home.
Best Of March '20
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Sunset in Rio de Janeiro by Diego Baptista

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Sunset memories in Cape Town by Meltem Salb