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"I live for photography. Every time I take a photograph, I find myself in a different world. Through photography, I can see wonderful little moments that I wouldn't recognize in my daily life. Special moments like the one between these two. I am so happy that I can be part of so many beloved moments and that I can also share these moments with the world."
The couple from the photos are the grandparents of my boyfriend. They are now married for over 60 years and they are still looking at each other totally in love. Every time I see them together, it is a wonderful feeling that love can last so long and I think they are really a role model for love in todays’ world. For half a year now, I wanted to capture their special love but they had the opinion that they are too old for looking good at pictures. Despite this I finally got them to take pictures with me. It was such a beloved moment! And as soon as they saw the pictures, their worries were gone. 

Pictures by Offline Ahead Photography

Location: Germany

Gear: Sony Alpha 7III, Zeiss 35mm

Love Stories

Dreamers by Frank Stabrila

Love Stories

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