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Up until this point I haven’t photographed many couples (3 over the past 3 years that weren’t weddings). During the past two weeks, I reached out to young couples inquiring if they’d model, and this fresh-out-of-high-school couple immediately volunteered. I find that most guys are significantly nervous prior to shoots, and my goal with every couple is to try and alleviate any anxiety that comes with getting one’s photos taken. Not only did these shots melt my face, but I found out after the session was over that Parker, who I sensed was a little nervous when we started, had a blast. One of the unspoken aspects of photography that I have fallen in love with, is making people comfortable in front of the camera even if they aren’t at first. Young, unfiltered love.

Pictures by Martin VanBuren

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Gear: Canon 5D III & Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art

Location: St. Catherine State Park

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