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"Ask yourselves in essence: Can a viewer know what awaits him on my channel in the future?"

If you are a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that your presentation is appealing on the social networks. Instagram is – not surprisingly – the most important medium there today. Here are three tips on how to reach a four-digit number of followers in a short time, without buying fake accounts, of course. Basically, Instagram is work for which you should plan about an hour a day.

— Pictures by Kim Heck

1. the right presentation


Who shall follow your account, should find there a consistent appearance. This means: The same image style and similar motifs in your feed make for an appealing profile, here the viewer immediately sees what awaits him when he follows you. The feed should be either very professional, very funny and entertaining, or very creative. Since we are among wedding photographers here, emotions should be clearly visible.


For the presentation of your personality and for the entertainment IG-TV videos or stories are also suitable, which you want to show as a highlight in your profile. Ask yourselves in essence: “Can a viewer know what awaits him on my channel in the future?”. The description in the Bio consists of your instagram name, a description of your activity (instead of “wedding photographer” you could also write “I photograph people in love” here), and a link to the website. Emojis can loosen up the profile. Add a special call to action, like “text me” to motivate people to contact you. After all, we don’t just want followers, we also want requests.


2. links, likes and comments


Linking gives you more range. But link wisely: Are you at a photo fair? Then this marking will bring more photographers to your profile! If that’s your target group – very good. Otherwise think about where your target group hangs around. You can also mark other pages – some large Insta-pages feature you when you mark them or use a specific hashtag. But only mark pages that you are related to. If you just want to mention someone, a link in the text is more charming.


Distributing likes is also important – find pictures with matching hashtags, like pictures that you like and that are new – so you get more attention. You should do this about 10 minutes a day. But much more important are comments: You have to leave traces on Instagram, and that doesn’t mean the one-character heart postings, for sure.


Instead, on good pictures, write a longer note that makes people think, agree, or laugh. Goal: The people who see the comment should pay your page a visit. The effect becomes stronger and stronger as the reach of the post increases! Special trick: Go to the profiles of those who have the same target group and answer there to the comments of other users! More attention is hardly possible.


3. posts done right!


There are three types of postings at Instagram. Two of them are really important: posts in the timeline and stories. Postings are our first concern: Use hashtags in any case, 10-15 are often optimal. See in advance which hashtags are well suited. Some hashtags have billions of mentions – that doesn’t help. Also think about what bridal couples might be looking for. The goal is to get as far up as possible on a hashtag that is as big as possible. And create your own hash tag!


Second: Do regular (daily) stories! Here you should show how you work, what is important to you and how you feel. It may also be thoughtful if you have a topic close to your heart. Since wedding photography is emotional, it may also become emotional in your story. Let yourself be inspired by a few big channels how they approach their followers. Often a running gag is helpful, like a clumsy pet or jokes about yourself. You’ll look sympathetic and stay in people’ s memories!

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