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"Try to avoid using generic testimonials with little information about you and how you work, and make the effort to get testimonials that go into more detail."

In a nutshell, testimonials serve to help you land new clients – optimally, ideal clients! Therefore, it is important to know the different ways in which testimonials can help convert a potential client into a paying client.

Selling photography services is more than just showing that you are able to deliver beautiful images. Potential clients are also interested in finding out more about what it is like to work with you: your professionalism, the experience that you offer, etc… This type of information can be provided through testimonials.

— Pictures by Julia Bartelt

The following three points highlight the benefits of testimonials:

1. Provide Credibility

Success in business relies heavily upon building a strong “know, like, and trust” factor with potential clients. Especially when they are getting ready to make a big investment, they do want to have the confidence that they will not regret their decision and that you will deliver on your promise.

When people vouch for you and your business, it builds trust and elevates your credibility. And in order to reduce the concern of fake testimonials, use a photo of the couple, or consider even getting a video testimonial instead of a written one.

2. Increase Social Proof

Testimonials help shape how people perceive your brand. The more potential clients hear good things about your business from other people, the more they will believe that information. These positive reviews can play an important role in influencing them to hire you as their photographer.

3. Address Pain Points

Potential clients come with a number of questions and concerns. That is why it is important to identify the problems keeping your ideal clients up at night. Therefore, when you collect testimonials from past clients, guide them as to what to write about – provide them with a well-thought-out questionnaire. This is an opportunity to answer their questions in a different manner – directly from people who are happy with the service that you provided them. Try to avoid using generic testimonials with little information about you and how you work, and make the effort to get testimonials that go into more detail.

Place your testimonials in different areas of your website so that they are more visible to visitors and not just hiding in the testimonials page. For example, add them on your homepage, blog posts, footer, contact page, etc… And also use social media as a means to share what previous clients are saying about you. You might feel like it comes off as a little “braggy” , but when done in moderation and class, it will help bring in more business.

And as a bonus tip, make sure that you keep updating your testimonials. You want to make sure to keep showing people that you are constantly doing good work and that clients are raving about you on a regular basis!


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