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"I love to see real moments, authentic people and true emotions. It makes me happy to encourage people to show me their personality when I take my camera. Creating valuable memories and telling their stories with my pictures gives me the passion for photography!"

This lovely couple impressed me for years now. What an honor to meet this wonderful pair. They are 75 and 82 years old and married for an admirable 50 years! When they walk along in the streets they always take each other’s hand. Whenever I talk to them, they listen to each other, they laugh about each other’s stories as if they heard them for the very first time. They pay attention and show full respect for each other. In their behaviour and in between their words I felt so many emotions that I was falling deeply in love with the idea to photograph them in Venice, THE place for lovers. I was very excited when both of them agreed straight away. We took the first ferry to Venice at 4:40 am which threw us immediately into the full magic of a busy city getting ready to wake up. We enjoyed the unique moment of an empty piazza San Marco, only us and the crying doves. Of course they wanted to step into one of the Gondolieres while kissing and waving to the spectators! They set my heart completely on fire and I am still so grateful for this unique experience! If all couples had so much love for each other after so many years of being together, the world would be an island overflowing with so much of love!

Pictures by Kerstin Keysers

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Gear: Canon EOS 5D Mk iii & EF 35 mm 1.4 & EF 85 mm 1.8

Location: Venice, Italy

Preset: Free Preset by Julia & Gil

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