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These two will get married next year at exact this spot. It’s a youth hostel right by the lake with a boats house. The idea was to do the engagement session there so they could use the picture for the invites. Well, it didn’t quite run as planed. Not even five minutes after we met it started raining non stop. we were just about to leave and postpone, so i made a joke and asked whether they would be keen to undress and jump into the water. And my badass clients said yes. We were completely unprepared. My gear was totally wet- i could hardly see through the view finder of my sony because it was all so wet already. But i think it was totally worth it ! after the shoot i jumped back into my clothes and sat still completely wet but super happy on the train back home to basel. I definitely can’t wait for them to get married next year !!

Pictures by Meltem Salb

Website & Instagram

Gear: Sony a7iii & Sony 28 & Sony 35 & Sony 55mm

Location: Lake Thun, Switzerland

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