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"Anyone can take photos these days. It is easier than ever before and the equipment is getting better and better. The hard part is capturing the real emotions. To get involved with people to the point where they show themselves openly. For me there is nothing more beautiful than capturing exactly that. I know everyone says that nowadays, but that moment when you get the message: 'I have tears in my eyes.' - There is nothing like it."

We wanted to go to a beautiful, quiet place where you only hear the waves breaking. Nobody was there and the soft evening light added to the romantic atmosphere between the two of them. It is never easy to photograph a couple for the first time, but with the two of them it was as if we had known each other for a long time.

Pictures by Mareike Harder

Instagram  & Website

Location: Brodtener Steilufer, Germany

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV + Sigma, 28mm Art

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