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"For me, it's more about how it all feels instead of how it looks. The complete experience, the connection, the big smiles and hugs after couple sessions, couples being thankful, and recognizing their own beauty when you deliver your work. It's a very satisfying feeling. Photography lights me up, pushes me, and brings out the best of me."

When I was visiting my mom in Spain I really wanted to plan a photoshoot. I got to know Dayana & Raúl and they were very excited to work with me. He was about to leave for Edinburgh for three months so it was quite a gift for them to have their picture taken together as they were about to miss each other for a long time. I was going for a beautiful sunset but the weather gods decided something else. I’m happy they did. I love the soft light we were given. We don’t need a perfect golden hour to make good photos. It’s all about the moment and people in front of you.

Pictures by Svenja Petersen

Instagram  & Website

Location: Calpe, Spain

Gear: Nikon D850 and the Sigma art 35mm 1.4

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