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"I love to catch this raw and intimate moment between two people. The ones between the kisses, the deep look into each other's eyes. The cute little smile after squabbling. Every couple is different, every couple has their own style of intimate communication and that I what I want to capture for them: their unique style of loving each other."

We wanted to find an authentic cute spot in Venice – and then we found the cute little island, Burano. Colorful old fisherman’s houses, unbelievably hot day, sweating our butts off. We totally felt in love with this place. Julia & Toni ran around with music, dancing, catching each other after eating one pizza after another. We almost missed our ferry boat because we couldn’t stop dancing around in the cute little aisles…

Pictures by Klara Ventz

Instagram  & Website

Location: Burano, Venice

Gear: Canon 5D Mark iii, 35 mm

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