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"I love photography as much as I love the roam. My absolute soul lies in nature and when my passion can bring me to like minded couples searching for a meaningful, authentic adventurous experience it sets my soul on fire. These experiences are so remote they would never be usually captured in this way."

Over lockdown I created my new sessions \’THE ROAM WILDS\’ . It was born out of just seeing the word \’Adventurous\’ on every profile and bio on Instagram when the images didn\’t seem to match it. I wanted to create a session of real, remote, authentic adventurous experiences. Georgia + Ilya were the first to book one of the new sessions and I put forward the Idea of hitting up a cave I had found on a beach I had explored for a fire and they loved it. We planned a fire, and some candles to light the cave and then I randomly decided I was going to build real, homemade cave fire torches. This turned out better than i ever could of expected and was pretty rad to feel like Indiana Jones for even just a moment! haha. The beach was totally deserted and after the sun had gone down we went into the cave, lit a fire and some candles and just enjoyed the sky changing from bright orange to complete darkness. The shoot stands out to me for two reasons, firstly I always find people relax around a fire and seeing Georgia + Ilya so natural, so happy in such a remote place in the vision i had always had in my mind when I created \’THE ROAM WILDS\’ sessions was really a moment for me. Secondly shooting in such low light, with cave torches and just a fire on a pitch black beach at midnight was a huge challenge and one I am really proud to say i hope i managed to manage. I was really conscious of not over-exposing the images as I really wanted to show the natural light as it was. It brings me back to always wanted to show the couple ‘how it felt’.


Instagram & Website

Location: Cornwall, UK

Gear: Canon 5D Mark IV Sigma 35mm Lens

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