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Best Of December
Congratulations to the following artists!
This is new! Every month we select the best ten inspiration posts that you guys have submitted to us. The following blogposts are our top ten of December '19. You want to be part of next month selection? Ok cool! Just submit your best couple or wedding photos. Please just read our submission guidelines before submitting.
Hidden Smiles by Fran Gribodo
Sometimes it is nice to get out of the city and enjoy some good time with lovely people. It was only us three! I wanted to show how these two have a good time away from everyone, just them.
Best Of January '20
Mountainlove in the Swiss Alps by Cramarts Photography
Only if everyone gives their best, results like these are possible. The basic idea was a simple couple shooting in the mountains with a great couple.
Best Of January '20
I will miss you by Frank Štabrila
I generally think LOVE is not a single emotion, but a combination of many. With that mindset in our heads we tried to express as many emotions in the set as possible. Anger, joy, sadness and passion. All the things that make relationships feel whole and real.
Best Of January '20
Cozy sunday by Amon Barbara
Winter is the time when I like to leave my comfort zone to discover something new - this time it was to shoot indoor with available light.
Best Of January '20
Dolomites adventure couple session by Silvia Poropat
I love traveling so much. One of my favorite places in the whole world is the Dolomites, but I had never been there in autumn.
Best Of January '20
Misty love in lapland wilderness by Heidi Kouvo
Finnish Lapland is where my heart belongs. It holds some of Europe's last true wilderness areas with boreal nature, endless coniferous forests, vast marshlands and barren fell highlands.
Best Of January '20
Molly & Brandon Sunrise Rockpools by Gav Halse
I moved to Cornwall in February and discovered these Rockpools whilst out exploring and vowed if the right couple booked me I would put forward this idea.
Best Of January '20
Timeless love by Hayley Rafton
I stole away the bride's parents for a little impromptu shoot during their engagement party.
Best Of January '20
Double Rainbow Love Story in Cape Town by Cr8tive Duo
Cape Town never ceases to amaze us with its crazy weather!
Best Of January '20
Intimate couple session by Josee Lamarre
I want to show how important it is to connect with the couple, get their confidence and theirs feeling to achieve emotional images.
Best Of January '20
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Misty morning session in an Irish forest by Rob Dight

Love Stories

Crazy sunset evening by Martina Herma