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"I love photography because you literally freeze time by creating a moment you will always carry with you. Creating an emotional and natural photography is like creating your own little time zone."
At first the shoot was just an idea I created in my head. I was looking for a motivated couple deeply in love. I had high expectations not only on my couple but also on myself. But life doesn’t always go as planned. I was aming for a breathtaking sunset and an amazing location. It turned out the opposite. The shoot was taking place in december because it was the earliest date possible. As you can imagine it was freezing cold, the weather was grey and dark and the trees were already bare. But luckily it didn’t rain, so we did it anyways. And I am so grateful that we did. Because of the cold weather we took some blankets with us and we drank a lot of tea during the shoot. We had an amazing time during the couple session and I’m proud of what we created. It reminded me that photography isn’t about having the most amazing view or the greatest sunset. It is about capturing something beyond that. Something meaningful and emotional. So in a very special way this shoot taught me a lot about photography and what kind of photographer I want to be. Thats why it is so special to me. I also fell in love with black and white pictures.

Pictures by Teresa Hirschel

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Gear: Canon 6D Mark ii & Canon 50mm f1.8

Location: Darmstadt, Germany

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