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"Having a polished portfolio is achieved by carefully creating and curating your images."

A strong portfolio that represents your work and aesthetic contributes to building a successful and sustainable photography business. It not only serves to showcase your abilities and style, but also acts as a magnet that attracts your ideal clients.

— by Jenny Collen
Attract Your Ideal Client by Upleveling Your Website
Attract Your Ideal Client by Upleveling Your Website

Having a polished portfolio is achieved by carefully creating and curating your images.

You can start by:

  1. Defining your ideal client and refining your overall brand accordingly
  2. Assessing the images that you currently have and selecting the ones that would best attractyour ideal client. Be very intentional during this step – take your time. Make sure that the images that you display are more of what you want to shoot in the future. This will aid in filtering out people who are on the lookout for a differnt type of photography.
  3. Organising photo shoots to add to your portfolio (this investment will pay-off!)
    Tip: Don’t just participate in just any styled shoot. It is better to coordinate your own photo shoot so that you can decide every aspect of it (e.g. models, clothes, location etc…).

Once you have picked the images, here are a few tips for putting together your portfolio:

1.Make sure that your editing is consistent

Sticking to a specific style of editing brings harmony into your portfolio and reassures potential clients about what their images would look like.
Note: Using the same preset does not guarantee consistency in editing. Keep in mind that the location and time of day/season play a role in how the images appear after post-editing.

2. Update your website


The Template
If you haven’t already, you might want to consider switching to a new, modern website template that beautifully displays your images. Templates that are minimalistic are ideal for photographers since the images are front and center without unnecessary distractions.

The Hero Shot
First impressions count for alot! Give due consideration regarding the first image that appears on your homepage. Since the attention span of website visitors is rather low, it is vital to use one of your very best images to convince them to stay longer on your site and view your portfolio.

The Blog
In addition to your hero shots, it is important to also showcase detail shots and/or storytelling images. Particularly for wedding photographers, a blog is a great place to present entire wedding day coverages. This gives potential clients a closer look into your style and how you approach various settings and situations.

3. Tailor your images for social media

Social media also provides an amazing opportunity to showcase your portfolio. Nevertheless, these platforms should function as a preview and a teaser that leads people to your website. For instance, imagine your Instagram profile to act like a virtual business card that entices a prospective client to visit your website and contact you.

Keep in mind that updating and polishing your portfolio is an ongoing process. As time progresses, you will have more experience and new images to add to your body of work. In the same token, it is wise to revisit your previous work and remove some images that no longer meet your standards. The aim is to always show your best work and attract your ideal clients.


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