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This is new! Every month we select the best ten inspiration posts that you guys have submitted to us. The following blogposts are our top ten of October '19. You want to be part of next month selection? Ok cool! Just submit your best couple or wedding photos. Please just read our submission guidelines before submitting.
Feeling the wind by Fran Gribodo
The idea I had was to capture a modern couple, get out of the traditional, classic romantic sides and show that you can take romantic photos. What makes me super proud is that the couple was reflected in the photos, just as they really are and in the place they were born.
Best Of October '19
Marriage vows renewal in the Scottish Highlands by Evenart Stories
The whole idea was to tell the real story. It took a while to find the perfect couple. Amelia and Christian, originally from Tennessee, USA, after they tied the knot they decided to move to Edinburgh, Scotland...
Best Of October '19
Sunday afternoon love therapy by Kendy Zhang
I wanted to do a vintage indoor shoot, without saying too much and just let their love flows as we were shooting...
Best Of October '19
Emotions taking over by Joy Zamora
Maylene and Ben had the most amazing bohemian wedding in Spain. They created a romantic intimate ceremony and while they read the vows they just couln't hold the emotions...
Best Of October '19
Street – Love – Together by Elchin Musaev
"Anywhere and in any weather I will be happy next to you!"
Best Of October '19
Couple Session in Barcelona by Natalia Swiader
The idea behind the shoot was to create images which symbolise freedom. Anna is an incredible Barcelona-based photographer and I was so happy for us to have the chance to work with her...
Best Of October '19
When in Paris by Joanna Eliza Photography
Some of our American photographer pals mentioned they were coming to Europe and going to Paris. They invited us along and we were like ummmm yes please!
Best Of October '19
Rainy days under candlelight by Ida-Christine Amerkamp
Sometimes it's the best thing that can happen if things don't work out as you planned them. On this day we wanted to drive to the Netherlands to spend a day at the beach and take photos together...
Best Of October '19
Tuscany Couple Shooting by Vanessa Toth
During my trip to Italy I met Issy and Jul. I photographed their wedding last year, which resulted in a wonderful friendship. Together we spent a few days in Tuscany, enjoying the local culture, views wine and food...
Best Of October '19
Lovestory in the Mountains by Patrick Pannenberg
It has always been a dream of me to shoot a couple in the mountains. I know Franzi and Simon since last year, when we did a shoot together in the Allgäu...
Best Of October '19
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Sunflower Love by Melina Waliczek

Love Stories

Magic Autumn by Lisa Ullmann Photography