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Top 13 Business Tools For Every Photographer in 2022
These tools will help you to optimize your workflow, provide a better overview or even help you with your marketing. The truth is, there are a lot of programs and apps for photographers.
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Attract Your Ideal Client by Upleveling Your Website
When a couple invests not only their time, but are willing to open up and share intimate details about their personal lives with you, it is a strong indicator that they are invested in you and your work.
Josée Lamarre – Creating emotional and authentic images in an intimate couple shoot.
You should find the emotions that are inked at the bottom of your heart. What makes you vibrate inside. And be honest with yourself, because it's reflected in your photos. For example, if you are a sensitive person who likes being in nature, try to create images that connect your love for nature and what it represents to you. If you are sensitive, then photograph this way.
Photography Education: Which one?
The opportunities are endless. It feels like at every corner there is an offer to book a photography workshop or purchase an online course. It can all get very overwhelming, if you are not quite sure what to look for. Therefore, before making the investment, it is worth to take the time and think about what will bring you further in your business at this point in time.
5 things to put in your camera bag
We’re all photographers but we’re all of a different kind. If you are super structured, you may have packed your back for the next wedding right after the last, so you are always 100% prepared. If you are more of a clumsy type, you’ll collect your stuff at 1 p.m. dressed in your pyjama right before you travel to dreamland. No matter to which type you feel connected, in the end it’s just about how amazing you are and how unforgettable the photos are going to be.