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Avoid getting ghosted
There are a variety of reasons why a couple may not get back to you after you respond to their enquiry. It is possible that they are simply busy, your email got lost, or they realised that you are not a good fit and forgot or avoided getting back in touch with you.
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The first 1,000 followers on Instagram
If you are a wedding photographer, you need to make sure that your presentation is appealing on the social networks. Instagram is - not surprisingly - the most important medium there today. Here are three tips on how to reach a four-digit number of followers in a short time, without buying fake accounts, of course. Basically, Instagram is work for which you should plan about an hour a day.
DSLR vs. Mirrorless: The perfect camera for wedding photography
If you have the luxury of not being tied to a system by the purchase of many lenses, you should leave out the manufacturer names completely and only consider at first: What does the camera really have to be capable of? In which area should it perform best?
Tricks for authentic poses and interactions
There are several ways to pose or direct couples through a photoshoot. Unfortunately there is no set formula that you can use for every couple as every couple is different. That’s basically why the most important thing when it comes to directing couples is to first have their trust.
The art to setting client expectations
Communication is the key! It's better to say too much than too little when it comes to setting client expectations. In most cases, wedding couples are getting married for the first time, so they actually are not aware of the process of booking a wedding photographer and what to consider in order to get great images. It is our responsibility to inform them thoroughly about our area of expertise.
Create and curate your photography portfolio
A strong portfolio that represents your work and aesthetic contributes to building a successful and sustainable photography business. It not only serves to showcase your abilities and style, but also acts as a magnet that attracts your ideal clients.
3 reasons why you need wedding guides
As a wedding photographer, you have the opportunity serve your couples beyond providing them with precious images of their wedding day. You can make their experience of hiring you more valuable by providing them with a wedding guide that will aid them in the planning process.
Facebook Ads for Wedding Photographers
If you want to be visible to your target group quickly, you can't avoid paid advertising. Currently, Facebook is one of the fastest advertising channels - and it is cheap if you pay attention to a few factors. Today in this article we show you what works, what doesn't and how Facebook advertising can quickly get you visible.
Attract Your Ideal Client by Upleveling Your Website
When a couple invests not only their time, but are willing to open up and share intimate details about their personal lives with you, it is a strong indicator that they are invested in you and your work.
Josée Lamarre – Creating emotional and authentic images in an intimate couple shoot.
You should find the emotions that are inked at the bottom of your heart. What makes you vibrate inside. And be honest with yourself, because it's reflected in your photos. For example, if you are a sensitive person who likes being in nature, try to create images that connect your love for nature and what it represents to you. If you are sensitive, then photograph this way.
Photography Education: Which one?
The opportunities are endless. It feels like at every corner there is an offer to book a photography workshop or purchase an online course. It can all get very overwhelming, if you are not quite sure what to look for. Therefore, before making the investment, it is worth to take the time and think about what will bring you further in your business at this point in time.
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