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Welcome to the tribe, new friend! We’re super stoked to have you on board and appreciate you being here. Are you a photographer? We appreciate you signing up for our list. We’re all friends here, so get comfy. In just a few minutes you will receive a Mail including your free Lightroom Preset. It can take up to 10 minutes. If you wait longer, please check your spam folder. Editing should be easy and fun! Our presets are everything you need to create a beautiful, cohesive and outstanding look.

We hope you like the free Lightroom Preset! Note that you can't download the preset on your phone, it's created for Lightroom Desktop Version. We are a group of creative people with a passion for photography. We’ve been in the preset business since 2015 and we’ve finally arrived at this point with something that we are very proud of. We have one clear objective: Give people a simple & awesome way to edit their photos. Our presets are used by thousands of people from all around the world.